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A diverse country, Spain shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal. The landscape of Spain comprises a broad central plateau, mountain ranges, rivers and valleys. Ebro, Tajo and Guadalquivir are the three main rivers of the country. On the east are the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic islands. The government of Spain is parliamentary monarchy. Tourism rakes in the foreign exchange. In summer, tourists abound in the hundreds of beautiful beaches, enjoy the colorful flamenco dancers swirling in their flounces and watch the bull fight in the bull rings. A typical Spaniard loves his food, drinks and will be merry. The Embassy of India is located in Madrid, the principal city of Spain.


India Embassy in Barcelona,Spain:

  Address C/Teodoro Roviralta 21-23 Barcelona 08022
Telphone: (34-3) 2120 422, 0354

India Embassy in Madrid,Spain:

  Address Av.Pio XII, 30-32 Madrid 28016
Telphone: (34-90) 290 1010, (34-91) 131 5100
Fax: (34-91) 345 1112
Email: info@embassyindia.jazztel.ez, consular@embassyindi
Web : www.embajadaindia.com/

India Embassy in Tenerife,Spain:

  Address Calle Sanjose No. 23, 2nd Flr, Santa Cruz de Tenerife PO Box 336 Tenerife Tenerife 38002
Telphone: (34-22) 341 416, 243 503
Fax: (34-22) 289 755

Spain Holiday List 2015 :-

Spain Holiday List 2015 Date Day
aaa August 15 Sataurday

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