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South Africa is a diverse nation that has attracted travelers and explorers from time to time. It is situated on the tip of the African continent with more than 3000 kms of coastline, bordering both the Indian and Atlantic oceans. The country has emerged from apartheid, thanks to the struggle spearheaded by the great Nelson Mandela. The Government is a multi-party elected republic. Tourism is a major industry as South Africa is major bio-diverse country. Banking, Oil refining and Mining are other major industries. Eleven official languages are spoken here among English and Afrikaans. Rand is the official currency. The Indian High Commission is located in Pretoria, the capital city.


India Embassy in Cape Town,South Africa:

  Address [Cape Town Office] The Terraces, 9th Flr. 34 Bree Str Cape Town 8001
Telphone: (+27-21) 418110, 4198111
Fax: (+27-21) 4198112
Email: admin@hcict.org.za

India Embassy in Durban,South Africa:

  Address 160 Pine Street, 4th Floor, The Old Station Building Durban 4001
Telphone: (+27-31) 3047020, 3047026
Fax: (+27-31) 3047008
Email: cgicom@iafrica.com
Web : www.indcondurban.co.za

India Embassy in Parktown,South Africa:

  Address No. 1 Eton Road,Corner Jan Smuts Avenue & Eton Road PO Box 6805 Parktown 2193
Telphone: (+27-11) 4828484, 4828488
Fax: (+27-11) 4828492, 4828487, 4828488, 4828489
Email: cgijhb@global.co.za
Web : www.indconjoburg.co.za

India Embassy in Pretoria,South Africa:

  Address 852 Schoeman Street, Arcadia PO Box 40216 Pretoria 0083
Telphone: (+27-12) 3425392, 3425395
Fax: (+27-12) 4303326
Email: hciadmn@hicomind.co.za, hcipta@iafrica.com

South Africa Holiday List 2015 :-

South Africa Holiday List 2015 Date Day
aaa August 15 Sataurday

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