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Senegal derives its name from the Senegal River. It was earlier a colony of France. The climate is tropical in nature. The country is a republic, with two houses of parliament, the upper and lower houses. The currency of the country is CFA Franc. It is a member of the Western African Economic and Monetary Union. The main items exported are cotton, fish, fabrics, calcium phosphate and ground nuts. India is the main trading partner with a 26 percent share of its exports. Information industry had a boost after internet connectivity was provided. Islam is the pre-dominant religion. The Indian Embassy is located in the capital city of Dakar.


India Embassy in Dakar,Senegal:

  Address 5, Avenue Cadre, 1st Floor PO Box 398 Dakar BP-398
Telphone: (+221) 8210979, 8225875
Fax: (+221) 8223585
Email: indiahom@telecomplus.sn, indiacom@sentoo.sn
Web : www.ambassadeinde.sn

Senegal Holiday List 2015 :-

Senegal Holiday List 2015 Date Day
aaa August 15 Sataurday

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