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Located in the western Pacific Ocean in south-east Asia is the Philippines. An archipelago comprising 7,107 islands it is broadly categorized into three main geographical divisions. Multiple cultures can be found throughout all the islands. The country’s international relations are mostly based on trade with other nations and also the 11 million Filipinos living and working outside the country. It is a founding and active member of the United Nations and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and is active in the Human Rights Council, many peace keeping missions and war on terror. Its relations with other countries are positive. The Embassy of India is located in Manila, the capital of Philippines.


India Embassy in Makati City,Philippines:

  Address 2190 Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas Village P.O. Box No. 2123 MCPO Makati Makati City
Telphone: 843-0101; 843-0102
Fax: 815-8151
Email: amb@embindia.org.ph; amboffice@embindia.org.ph; pol@embindia.org.ph; com@embindia.org.ph; admin@embindia.org.ph; cons@embindia.org.ph

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