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Situated in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula is Norway. The country extending above the Arctic Circle is the farthest north European country with a very long coastline. Nearly three-fourths of the land area is uninhabitable and covered with mountains, glaciers, rivers and moors. Hundreds of deep fjords indent the coastline and the mountain valleys are fertile the northern part of the country is arctic tundra. The climate of this country is temperate along the coast as it is modified by the North Atlantic current; the interior is colder with increased precipitation and the summers are cold. The west coast has rains throughout the year. The government of Norway is Constitutional Monarchy. The Embassy of India has its offices in Oslo.


India Embassy in Oslo,Norway:

  Address Niels Juels Gate 30 Oslo 0244
Telphone: (47) 2255 2229, 2244 3194
Fax: (47) 2244 0720
Email: india@online.no
Web : www.indemb.no

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